SEMTEC GENETECH - Technology at it's finest

Semtec Genetech is a full service, repair and maintenance company primarily in the Power Production and Power Distribution business but we do much more than that...

We offer: 

    ·         Project Management.

    ·         Manpower to ships.

    ·         Switchboards, maintenance, conversion and installation.

    ·         Breaker maintenance, inspections and certification.

    ·         Motors, inspections and service.

    ·         Transformers, installations and maintenance.

    ·         Generators, full-service and spare parts

    ·         UPS's, installation and conversions.


    We are based out of Thailand were we have our office, warehouse and workshop.

    We are within an hour’s drive to an international airport
    so we can be "on the way" anywhere in the world with a
    very short notice.

    Our main markets today are in Asia, Caribbean and North America but we work WORLD WIDE.