Live in Thailand Work abroad in EU or Sweden - Tax Free!

    • Do you dream of living in Thailand, but do not know how you will be able to afford it?
    • Want to have a relative to come and work for you in EU or Sweden? Want to hire workers from Thailand?
    • We've got the solution. You can live in Thailand and work in EU or Sweden and have an average of the same salary as you got today but with the difference that you only work six months a year and live in Thailand instead the rest of the year.

    Our method suits those as follows:

      Entrepreneurs in Sweden or the EU who want to hire staff from Thailand and avoid paying unnecessary payroll taxes, etc.

      Europeans and Swedish citizens that are already living in Thailand and want to go to Europe to work for a maximum of 6 months per year.

      Thai citizens who want to go and work in the EU or Sweden for their relatives.

    All taxes are paid by us. All insurance are paid by us. All this is included in our commission of 13%.


You can not apply this rules and regulations to Norway !!  Today we can not offer our services to anyone who works in Norway.

We have already for a long time offered our Swedish employees and their acquaintances who wants to live their lives in Thailand with their Thai families the ability to use our services as a company and not have any problems from the authorities in any of the countries.

  • What makes us different from other companies offering the same idea is that we at Semtec Maritime Co. Ltd. have our main outcome from doing electrical work and welding steel onboard ships and oilrigs all over the world and only have this as a offered service to interested.
  • We are among one of the best-run foreign-owned companies in Thailand, we conduct all activities seriously and with all papers in order and all thinkable lawyers and solutions available to us and our employees.
  • If needed we can provide our employees the required paperwork for those who have families residing in Thailand and wish to stay with them by issuing them the proper documentation to apply for O-visas and banking-details.

Since some info was found online from a company in this business, unfortunately for the majority of us residing in Thailand the company is registered in Hong Kong with no connections to the Thai Labor Department, so we found it best to setup a new site based on some of that info but with important differences.




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