Employee Policies

Semtec Maritime Co. Ltdís Standards of Business Conduct provide a framework for responsible operations with regard to Semtec Maritime Co. Ltd employment practices around the world. We support these standards with guidelines that ensure we are operating ethically and responsibly in all our employment practices.

Employees, Contractors and third party vendors.

Hereby are all called employee/s and are obliged to follow the rules and regulation set by Semtec Maritime Co. Ltd, Customer and Local law. You work for, at, by or with Semtec Maritime Co. Ltd you must follow these rules. No exceptions.


Alcohol and drugs.
We recognize and respect the employee's right to use alcohol on leaves and vacations. When at office, signed onboard, at project location or engaged in commercial travels to and from work contracts/projects, the use of alcohol is prohibited. (Signed onboard or to an maritime vessel, you are on duty 24 hours)


Illegal drugs in any form or substance on duty or off duty, is strictly forbidden, Semtec Maritime Co. Ltd does not support or defend any employee found dealing or possessing drugs for distribution nor for private consumption. Law enforcement at location and customer regulations apply, any intervention from Semtec Maritime Co. Ltd or agents will not occur.


Report of such acts must be forwarded to management and action taken immediately.


Company information, data and customer accounts.
Contractors and employees with Semtec Maritime Co. Ltd are prohibited to give away, pass on or sell company information or data. Semtec Maritime Co. Ltd's accounts are sensitive and valued, any act disturbing or stirring an account will lead to effective contract termination.

Tools and material delivery
Only Semtec Maritime Co. Ltd tools and supplies by commercial shipment/transportation to or from projects, private items or articles are prohibited. Such will be disposed or confiscated.

Tools and clothes
Working tools, working clothes, and protective clothes are provided by the company. Provided items must be returned after each completed project. Private items used at projects can be supported financially once only, proven by purchase receipts. Theft or deliberate destruction of tools or clothes is drawn from forthcoming payments, and lead to disciplinary actions up to and including separation from the company.

Elimination of forced or compulsory labor
We do not make use of forced or compulsory labor. Semtec Maritime Co. Ltd recruits its employees and provides standard working conditions, including payment of wages and benefits, tools and working clothes in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Abroad traveling and accommodations are paid by the company. Salary levels are given by good standards to the employees country of origin.

Contractor nor employee pay any fee to Semtec Maritime Co. Ltd for privileges of work with, for, at or by Semtec Maritime Co. Ltd. Semtec Maritime Co. Ltd does not support modern slavery or nor bonded labour. Our entire workforce do not pay fee/s to management, supervisor or team leader for privileges of work.

Definitions of modern slavery are found at the link below.


Elimination of child labour
We forbid the use of children in our workforce throughout our worldwide operations. All Semtec Maritime Co. Ltd employees are above the legal employment age in the country of their employment.

Equal employment opportunity (EEO)
Our policy is to provide equal employment opportunity in conformance with all applicable laws and regulations to individuals who are qualified to perform job requirements.

We are committed to promoting a highly productive work environment that treats all employees with respect, values diverse perspectives, encourages individual growth and achievement, and rewards people based on their performance. We have built a diverse global workforce that is focused on producing superior business results. We are committed to maintaining an environment characterized by open communication, trust, and fair treatment.

Nondiscrimination and equal opportunity
Discrimination and harassment based on any personal characteristic are not tolerated. Semtec Maritime Co. Ltdís strict adherence to these policies ensures that employees worldwide understand and enforce them.

Under our policy, harassment is an inappropriate conduct that has the effect of creating an intimidating, hostile, or offensive work environment; unreasonably interfering with an individualís work performance; or affecting an individualís employment opportunity. Harassment in any form is prohibited at nor against Semtec Maritime Co. Ltd.

Acts done by or to inferior cultural standards or low moral incitement, to or by individuals or group will be evaluated and lead to disciplinary actions up to and including separation from the company.

We evaluate harassment policy compliance through an annual stewardship process and we thoroughly investigate any harassment claims. All employees, including supervisors and managers, are subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination, for any act of harassment. In addition, outside individuals or outside companies who are in violation of this policy may be reported to law enforcement, customers and employers.

Non-retaliation and grievance system
We encourage employees to ask questions, voice concerns, and make suggestions regarding Semtec Maritime Co. Ltdís business practices. Employees are expected to report to management suspected violations of the law or of the Corporationís policies or internal controls. Policy or control issues include employee rights, ethics, environmental, health and safety-related issues, and whistle-blowing. Semtec Maritime Co. Ltd promptly investigates such reports and takes action if warranted. No retaliation may be taken or threatened against any employee for voicing concerns. We believe open-door communication helps promote fairness and respect for the dignity of all employees, as well as effective engagement between management and the workforce.




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