Bribery and Corruption

      As a matter of policy, Semtec Maritime Co. Ltd Co. Ltd Co. Ltd strongly complies with all governmental laws, rules, and regulations applicable to our business. We expect employee candor at all levels, and adherence to company policy and controls. Employees are responsible for reporting suspected violation of law or corporate policy to management.

      Periodically, all managerial, professional, and technical employees are required to confirm that they have read and are familiar with the policies set forth in our Standards of Business Conduct that prohibit corruption of any type.

      Our management framework to prevent bribery and corruption includes clear guidance on ethics, gifts and entertainment, conflicts of interest, antitrust, and directorship policies. Sound financial control is fundamental to our business operating model, and we have established effective control mechanisms for our worldwide operations. Responsibilities for authorizing, approving, and recording transactions are appropriately segregated to reduce risks of a single employee having exclusive knowledge, authority, or control over any significant transaction or group of transactions.
      Every year, management conduct investigations of suspected violations of law, business practices, or internal control procedures. Such violations include conflicts of interest, exceeding transaction authority limits, excessive entertainment charges, falsified expense reports or accounting entries, misuse of company purchases and credit cards, Semtec Maritime Co. Ltd Co. Ltd Co. Ltd property or petty theft. Policy violations by employees lead to disciplinary actions up to and including separation from the company.
      We provide a number of mechanisms for reporting suspected violations of law or Semtec Maritime Co. Ltd Co. Ltd Co. Ltd's business practices. All persons responding to customers, authorities or employees questions, concerns, complaints, and suggestions are expected to use appropriate discretion regarding anonymity and confidentiality, although the preservation of anonymity and confidentiality may or may not be practical, depending on the circumstance.
      No action may be taken or threatened against any employee for asking questions, voicing concerns, or making complaints in conformity with company procedures, unless the employee acts with willful disregard of the truth. In addition, all payments to third parties are expected to comply with the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act



Tenets of Operation

Operational Excellence (OE) requires constant attention to countless details and how our work is performed. Semtec Maritime Co. Ltd Co. Ltd Co. Ltd's OE safety culture is based on 10 Tenets of Operation, a code of conduct that employees and contractors use and that supervisors and managers reinforce.

The tenets are based on two key principles:

         Do it safely or not at all.

         There is always time to do it right.


The tenets address a wide range of behaviors. The key word in the tenets is Always.

         Always operate within design and environmental limits.

         Always operate in a safe and controlled condition.

         Always ensure safety devices are in place and functioning.

         Always follow safe work practices and procedures.

         Always meet or exceed customers' requirements.

         Always maintain integrity of dedicated systems.

         Always comply with all applicable rules and regulations.

         Always address abnormal conditions.

         Always follow written procedures for high-risk or unusual situations.

         Always involve the right people in decisions that affect procedures and equipment.


Updated: September 2012




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